NGC 7000 – The North America Nebula – Cygnus Wall

The North America Nebula is an emission nebula found in the constellation Cygnus. The nebula is located near the star Deneb one of the brightest stars in the summer sky which forms the tail of the Swan.

It is located about 1950 LY (light years) from us and is very large as a Nebula, almost as large as 10 moons placed side by side. Close to the Pelican Nebula is one of the typically summer objects that I love to photograph with a telescope. Despite its size, the North America Nebula has a Magnitude 6 and it is practically impossible to see it with the naked eye, especially from a sky that is even slightly polluted like that of Italy.

The red color is due to the strong emission in the H-Alpha band. The entire area of ​​the North America Nebula is full of stars as it is located in that area called the Milky Way, which is right between us and the Orion Arm, one of the bifurcations of one of the arms of our galaxy.

To make this photo it took about 4 hours of shooting from a sub-urban sky with a light pollution value of about 5.5 bortle.

Shooting system:
Telescope: Skywatcher PDS 150/750 – Camera: ZWO ASI 533 MC-Pro – Guide tube: 60 / 240mm – Guide camera: ZWO ASI 120 MCS – Mount: Skywatcher EQM-35

Shooting data:
Taken on 13/09/2020 – 250 shots of 60 ″ – Temp -10o – 37 x Dark Frames – Bias Frames – Flat Frames

Processing done entirely with PixInsight