NGC 884 + NGC 869 – Perseus Double Cluster is a duo of star clusters located 7,100 and 7,400 lightyears away, but which appear right next to each other in the night sky. The two clusters are h Persei, known as NGC 869, and chi Persei, known as NGC 884. They are 5.6 million years old and 3.6 million years old, respectively.

In the photo, Cluster NGC 884 is the one on the left while NGC 869 is the one on the right.

The distance of these objects is estimated to be around 7000 LY and they are about 800 LY apart. the size of each individual Cluster is about 70 LY in diameter.

They have an apparent magnitude of 4.3 / 4.4 and are visible to the naked eye in a sky not too polluted by lighting. With modest 10 × 50 binoculars it is possible to distinguish the two Clusters and see the brightest stars inside. The cluster on the left, NGC 884, is characterized by many stars of blue color and others of orange color.

To make this photo it took about 2 hours of shooting from a sub-urban sky with a light pollution value of about 5.5 bortle.

Shooting system:
Telescope: Skywatcher PDS 150/750 – Camera: Canon Eos 450D Full Spectrum – Guide tube: 60 / 240mm – Guide camera: ZWO ASI 120 MCS – Mount: Skywatcher EQM-35

Shooting data:
Taken on 28/12/2019 – 40 180 ″ shots – 37 x Dark Frames – Bias Frames – Flat Frames

Processing done entirely with PixInsight