In Italy, near the borders with Slovenia and Austria there are two wonderful lakes, the Fusine Lakes. The two lakes are Lago di Fusine Superiore and Lago di Fusine Inferiore. The color of this lakes is greenish-blue, and it is very beautiful.

Model K. – Near Infrared – 720nm

Young model taken with Infrared technique. A near filter (720nm) has been used.

Strolling around in Venice

Strolling in Venice is always a great pleasure. This city is rich of nice views and story, enclosed within every alley and small canal that constitutes it.
Surely a perfect place to photograph the secrets of a unique city in the world with the infrared technique, thus revealing every hidden detail.

All the photo in this session has been taken using 720 nm Infrared filter and postprocessed in order to balance the colors.