Each field of photography has its own history and techniques. Probably a whole lifetime would not be enough to explore them all and fully understand their secrets. There are fields in which I faced a little for passion and a little for curiosity and in which I went in depth. All photography’s fields are fantastic and are all worth exploring, at least once.

Nature Photography

Nature photography has been the one I have loved since the beginning of my photographic experience. Nature and all that it contains, all animals or strange and bizarre creatures have always fascinated me at times.
Nature photography is a type of photography that requires a lot of patience in particular when trying to immortalize an animal subject, especially in freedom and in its natural environment, where it is necessary to have a preparation on behavior and habits in order to predict the right moment in which to shoot. or be ready to shoot in anticipation of a particular action by the animal.


Portraits of people. It is so beautiful to photograph the human being in what are spontaneous poses or everyday actions. The fact of this is that the image will remain forever over time without aging by even a minute. Forever.

Panoramic and multi-photo panoramic photography

The panorama is one of the things I find most relaxing ever. There are places where the eye gets lost, and the mind relaxes.
Sometimes just a good wide-angle lens is enough to capture this beauty, other times, when the panorama you want to frame is wider, here is the technique of taking more photos, appropriately overlapping to have links between one photo and another and a rotation on the focal node of the lens can lead to shooting much wider and more spectacular panoramas.

Sports and action photography

I love this field of photography very much. Being passionate about airplanes, especially military ones, but in any case of all airplanes in general and all that is speed and engines, when I can I go to follow some AirShow or sporting event such as Rally and track races.

This type of photography also has a special charm. Being able to capture action and movement with a static image is not always an easy thing, but I like the challenge.

Sunset and Sunrise

Sunsets and sunrises are not a separate category or at least not for everyone. For me, however, they are a moment of relaxation, that of the day that ends or that in which a new day is beginning.
In both cases, despite having different shades of color, when immersed in a particular landscape, they are relaxing, and sometimes, even without taking pictures, I like to watch the evolution of these events.

Call me romantic but a beautiful sunset or a beautiful sunrise is always a beautiful sunset and a beautiful sunrise!

HDR Photography

HDR photography, an acronym that means High Dynamic Range, is a type of photography that necessarily requires post processing to obtain results as more photos are taken of the same frame but with different exposures.
In this type of technique 3 photos are typically taken, sometimes even more, with an exposure that is 0, +2/3 stops, -2/3 stops.
Everything is then recombined by the photo editing program where you can adjust many settings and create very particular photos and which in certain conditions can be very special and impressive