What about me?
Well, I was only 5 years old when a friend, a professional photographer, gave me my first Kodak Instamatic with a box of cube flashes. I don’t really know if the passion for photography started in that moment or if I already had it since I was born. But it was funny and I loved it a lot.

But this was only the beginning…

The idea of being able to “freeze” an image of a particular moment and that that moment will last forever as long as that photograph exists fascinated me a lot.
That moment impressed on the film will last forever.
Life is continuous flow, a continuous change and mutation like the river flows from its source to its outfall. “Panta Rei” is Greek expression that can literally be translated into everything flows, expresses synthetically the thought of Heraclitus about life.
But photography no, photography “freeze” the moment, forever.

Growing up I wanted to explore other forms of photography and thanks to my friend, the photographer, I learned all the basic techniques pretty quickly.
Then my first Film Reflex, generously loaned by my grandfather, which immediately became my photography school and which I used for many years, making me grow a lot both technical and an artistical point of view.

But the fields of photography are many and curiosity too. So, I began to document and study landscape and naturalistic photography and then also I explored the fields of Macro photography. The migration to digital photography has brought a simplification in terms of cost and therefore experimenting has been easier and much cheaper than before. With the lower costs and the ease of seeing results immediately, studying and deepen into other fields of photography has been much easier.

Portraits and sports photography were the first to be added to the knowledge base. It was nice to face them and study them since I still had photographer friends in the field of fashion and sport. But it didn’t end there…

Many years earlier I had heard of infrared photography and the idea of seeing the invisible captured me. As soon as possible I wanted to learn this type of photography, certainly much more difficult than traditional photography because it required changes to the camera and special filters as well as a whole series of tricks. It was difficult to start but then, with study and perseverance, the first results came. They were very interesting and allowed me to reach an artistic level that was certainly different from before.

Since my passion and my hobbies did not end there, in 2010 I started a new path in astronomical photography. First alongside a friend who had good equipment and then with my own equipment. The road is hard but finally after many years we see the first good results.

is it over here? no, knowing me I don’t think so …